Rockin' Productions has a huge selection of percussion and band items to choose from! We stock the basics. Reeds, sticks, cowbells, cleaning kits, drum heads, drum keys, etc. The cool thing is that in most instances, if it's not in stock, it only takes a few days to get your needed item. 

Juno 2.5 Alto Sax Reeds $12.99 per (3) pack
Rico 2.5  Bb Clarinet Reeds $9.99 per (3) pack
Rico 2.5 Tenor Sax Reeds $16.99 per (3) pack
Rico 3 Alto Sax Reeds $11.99 per (3) Pack
Saxophone Maintenance Kit $21.33 
Yamaha Tenor Sax Ligature $16.99 
Blitz Metal Care Polishing Cloth $6.97 
Evans Mountable Speed Pad Real Feel Practice Pad $29.99
Remo Silent Stroke Practice Pad $39.99
Duplex Standard Drum Practice Pad $10.95
Venture Valve Oil $1.32!!
SuperSlick Key and Rotor Oil $3.00