It's hard to overstate the amount that I've learned and it wouldn't have happened without Rhon's skill and expertise as an instructor. Rhon has offered the perfect combination of endless patience, clear instruction, and constant encouragement to try a little more. He has allowed me to learn and accomplish on a level I would've never acheived on my own. For me it's been a lot of fun and working with Rhon has just been great.   -   Bruce Lautzenhiser

Madison started taking guitar when she was 7 and has been taking lessons from Rhon for just over one year. It has been absolutely fascinating to watch her progress. Rhon has been an excellent teacher and Madison thoroughly enjoys learning to play the guitar. - The Steury Family 
After taking lessons from Rhon for nine years, I was not only able to read music, but I was able to appreciate music on a new level. I could apply my knowledge of music and share it with others in my family, church and community. Through Rhon's patient and expert teaching I learned everything from music theory to perfomance methods. Taking guitar lessons from Rhon was a wonderful experience that will benefit me for the rest of my life. - Jennica Stevens 

Rhon's amazing music talents are complimented by his knack to teach; one of the best aspects for me is his ability to tailor the lessons to my music preferences and needs. The prices are very comparable with the .com stores! -One happy customer - Steve De Lucenay  
"Kids Rock" - Student Performance - Angola Fall Fest 
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